Uses & Case Studies

It's all about the Big Picture. It could start by creating an idea, a graphics, the story or an animation to solve your marketing needs. We often start with the video, whether that be a motion graphic, animation, or film, to create the content you need. At 30 frames a second, a 100 second video will have created 3000 images. From that library, we can offer our clients so many other services for little additional investment....

BNP Paribas: Cortex FX & ALiX

The video was used on (1) the BNP Paribas homepage, (2) various event stands globally, (3) to open for the keynote speakers at event, (4) the bank's press day (which resulted in the press coverage as shown within a week!).

In addition to this, the logo we created in this animation for ALiX was taken and used globally across the bank, within the software and on promotional material. We also versioned this video out for use on LinkedIn, for a particularly successful social media campaign.

Visit our Cortex FX & ALiX project case study

Or, visit the BNP Paribas site for yourself.

animation for the bnp paribas website
animation for the bnp paribas event
animation for the bnp paribas keynote speech
animation for the bnp paribas press day

Linklaters: Activism Rising

1. The video was used on Linklaters' homepage. 2. The video was embedded in the campaign email, which was sent to all the relevant companies clients. 3. The video was received so well, CNBC picked up the story and ran with it on their global news show. Not bad! 4. And finally, the various graphics were laid out in an infographic which was used as a 'downloadable' PDF & printed infographic to hand out at events.

Visit the Linklaters: Activism Rising portfolio page

Or, see the animation on the Linklaters Activism Rising thought leadership page for yourself.

animation for the linklaters website
animation for the linklaters email campaign
animation for broadcast
animation graphics for the linklaters infographic

Deutsche Bank: FX Mobile Autobahn

1. The video was published on Deutsche Bank's homepage. 2. The video was used for various keynote speeches and on the stands (shown) at multiple events. 3. It was also promoted by the bank and shared by senior staff on LinkedIn. 4. It was published on YouTube, with 1,500 views in the first 2 weeks.

Visit the Deutsche Bank FX Mobile portfolio page

Or, visit the animation on the Deutsche Bank FX Mobile Autobahn page, and see if working in the 'real world'!

animation for the db website
animation for the db event stand
animation for the db social media campaign
animation for db for social sharing