HG Labs

Ideas / R&D

3D Fractal brand ident for Higher Ground

We've been pushing forward with our use of 3D, as well as textures and typography and created this HG brand ident.

Grunge Skateboard Sting

The aim here was to explore 'Grunge' using a real mix of different media including 3D objects, video and static images.

HG Labs - Netflix teaser test project

This builds on the below HG Labs test, to make a more compelling, longer 'Netflix trailer' style test project. This one uses custom Cinema 4D object, texture, volumetric lighting, smoke and all the bells and whistles - plus a full on sound effects backing.

VFX - 3D bridge model, and post production in After Effects

This cool little 'Netflix trailer' test project uses a Cinema 4D object, with heavy atmosphere and texture treatment to add a real mood. Some chromatic aboration and blur was also used, with sound effects, to add a bit of suspense!

VFX - Angel with Light Saber Effect

Here we took a photo of an Angel, which was cut out from the background, adjusted lighting, camera movement, added smoke and animated lines with glow. Looks pretty epic we think...

Bird in motion

Playing with reptition of 2D graphics, in 3D space, with added VFX, with some glitching and chromatic abberation.


Brings life and interest to simple flat 2D objects.

Retro spinning cube with VHS glitch

After watching TRON recently, I started to feel a little nostalgic... :)

Voyager space station mockup

Combining After Effects with Cinema 4D, and adding some texture and camera movement and shake for realism.

3D and video - Motion Tracking and Rotoscoping

Video shot and motion graphics added and tracked in 3D space for a futuristic / tech feel.

2.5D - Radio waves and camera angles

Background grid, with radio waves emitting on top of it. With glow and nice camera angles

Simple 3D objects and camera movement

Cinema 4D test project

Flicker and Glitch - mixed media

Rapid retro TV style glitch logo reveal

VFX - Green Screen Internal Test.

Within After Effects, we built upon the previous HG Labs Orb project (you can see this further down the page) and we took a happy little green screen floaty spaceman and dropped the poor little fella in deep space. On his own. Forever.

Film Credit Concept

Using 3D objects within Red Giant Trapcode Form, we explored the use of minimal text, and cinematic camera movement to create a simple 'film credit' animation

Video with 3D assets and an animated 2D screen.

WHAT: This brings together a few of our test projects. We combined a filmed office environment, with a tracked 3D object (a phone), and a 2D screenshot from a website (the HG Labs page from our website).
WHY: This approach could be used to great effect for many of our clients - where an app or key message could animate from any asset found in a typical working or professional environment. The possibilities are endless and pretty exciting here.