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Videos are a great way
to engage with your target audience.

A video can distil a complex message and communicate it easily and effectively within seconds. On top of this, research has shown that your online audience is much more likely to engage with video than with the written word (especially online).

A one minute video is equal to 1.8 million words [3,600 web pages]“
(Source: Forrester)



Activism Rising

Linklaters approached Higher Ground to help them capture a study they carried out on shareholder activism. Higher Ground successfully created a graphic through the use of video, highlighting the key parts of the study to drive the message, raise concerns with its target audience and ultimately guide them to take the most appropriate action. The video was part of a larger campaign, going out to major news channels such as the Financial Times and CNBC and was received very well by the client and their target audience.


Promotional Video

As part of their brand refresh, Reds10 asked us to create something dynamic that would directly showcase their service in a simple way. Of course our response was video. The resulting animation takes on a quirky charm that fits right in with Reds10 and applies a soft touch to what can often be quite a hard industry.


Music Video

We were invited to film the making of Sons & Lovers latest track “Lover”, up in Maida Vale’s Battery Studios. Sons & Lovers are on the Sony label, and things are going really well for them (and rightly so). They’ve just played at the Shephards Bush Empire and will be doing nearly all of the festivals in the summer. The aim here for the video was for it to be a bit rock’n’roll, with shaky camera positioning (the brief mentioned The Blair Witch Project!), and lots of depth of field work, with focus moving from points in the distance to close up. The key here was to capture the mood in the studio but most of all to give their ever growing fan base a teaser of what the new track sounds like. If their current rise in popularity is anything to go by – then Sony may have a pretty major success on their hands!


The GTB Video

This is a new video that HGC has produced for the Global Transaction Banking division of DB, introducing their members to the range of applications available to them. The video itself is a mixture of video footage and animation and a voiceover recorded by one of our professional actors, all with a bespoke soundtrack, producing a visually appealing and informative video to be used internally or externally.



Centric App Demo

BNP Paribas approached Higher Ground to produce a short demo of Centric, their online app based platform for corporate clients. The aim of the animation was to showcase the individual key features in order to promote the app to existing clients and the internal sales teams. Higher Ground worked with BNP Paribas on all aspects of the video, from design to a bespoke music track in order to produce an animation, which would engage each viewer.


Promotional Video

Having already created the instore launch video, OVIVO recognised the impact a full promotional video would have on their existing and potential target audience. The focus was to showcase the natural qualities which make the product so popular with testimonials that appeal directly to the target demographics. The resulting video is something we’re really proud of, utilising motion graphics, real footage and bespoke music created specifically for this video.


Promotional Video

Offset approached Higher Ground to help them convey, what some see as a complicated service offering to the masses. Our response was to create a fun and playful animation which communicates Offset’s services and benefits in a clear and concise way. The recycling nature at the heart of Offset influenced the style and feel of the video whilst retaining the overall brand aesthetic we had set previously.


Planet Organic Video

OVIVO came to Higher Ground Creative for everything: branding, web design, product design, email marketing, search and more. One of the products which works really well for them though is video, as it really gets across the feel of their company, the quality of their product and the personalities and passion behind the Directors, who founded the company.
This particular video was created for their in store launch across all of the Planet Organic stores throughout UK. It’s a brand that will go a long way – they already have other global distributors calling – so keep your eyes peeled!


Rough Guide to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

We helped Rough Guides present their latest books at trade shows with an interactive multimedia presentation. The presentation had a ‘news report’ theme and featured real actors. The presentation was then put together and included video, music, photos, illustrations and of course content from their books.
We also planned and produced a viral video to promote a new book about the YouTube phenomenon, which featured many entertaining video clips and was seeded to great success!


Click here to view other work we produced for Penguin.


The Awards Video

The brief here was to shoot some really engaging and artistic video, with clever use of composition and light, to work seamlessly with a softer soundtrack. We chose our Canon 5D, as it was tailor-made for the job. The idea here was to try and get the video to feel almost like a music video – but driving home the core message of the volunteers being the ‘stars’ of these videos. The rockstars of volunteering. Hopefully this is the outcome – you be the judge.


Moodboard animations

This video shows excerpts from an animated cartoon we created for Moodboard to communicate the 6 core requirements their photographers had to bear in mind before conducting a shoot (model releases, correct lighting, make-up etc).
They had struggled to create something which the photographers would actually read and absorb (from copy to diagrams), but traffic to that part of the site remained very low, until we created a short animated cartoon to communicate the facts – and then traffic went through the roof!

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Director Interviews

During the course of their brand and website refresh, Everymind turned to us to create a corporate clip. In this interview, we were able to catch a glimpse of both owners, who give us an overview of their process and services, lending their website a warm and personal touch.


DB – A New Social Landscape

Deutsche Bank asked us at Higher Ground Creative to produce a social media video which would communicate the core facts around investing in social media currently for one of their largest client events in London. This video would be shown on a cinema screen at the front of the hall before the speakers came on to open the event. The brief was to keep it up-beat, creative, informative and engaging. See what you think!


Ditto Roundhouse Animation

Every so often a project comes along that you just can’t say no to and which truly brings the team together. For us, this was the Ditto project. Ditto (doing it together once) is an innovative collaboration of creative minds – designers, poets, music producers etc, who get together and put on performances, usually around a certain theme. Ours was ‘Creation’ from the book of Genesis. Truly a team effort, the resulting animation formed the opening sequence of the final show in the Roundhouse, Camden Town. Besides the above animation, we worked with Ditto on a range of other projects including their brand, website, HTML emails and business cards- Would you like to get involved?
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We were approached by SRCL – the UK’s leading specialist in clinical waste management, to create a 3D animation that highlighted a range of specialist services they provide to a national customer base.
The animation needed to draw attention to their brilliant customer service, its expert courier and mail room services, while also highlighting its 20 years of experience and accountability procedures in place.
We did this by creating an animation that featured SRCL’s model employee ‘Dave’ – a friendly courier who zips around the country picking packages, sorting mail and having a little fun along the way. It was a pleasure working on this animation, and we’re quite proud of the end result.


About to move to London, but feel completely overwhelmed by the experience? Then City Setups is the service for you! City Setups is a unique service that does all the hard work when moving to London. They’ll organise a house, phone numbers, Sky TV and whatever else you need to make your move as easy as possible!
City Setups wanted a quick and easy way to convey everything the business can do for its customers, and video was the logical choice. We had a heap of fun bringing to life the City Setups website in this animation, which helps illustrate the depth and breadth of their services.


This 3D Animation was a project created for a sub-division of Fuji, known as FFEi. They approached us directly to create a new 3D promotional video for the launch of their GRAPHIUM press. This would be used at their Exhibitions around Europe (on the Fuji stand) and online on both their website and social media.
“It was a real pleasure to work with Higher Ground. Their ability to understand our business and the specifics of the Graphium Press were key to the success of this project. Their planning workshop and storyboarding were really useful too. We knew what we were getting, when and most importantly, why!
 They were able to turn around a great, cost effective video, within a challenging timeframe, much to the satisfaction of our team and our partners. I would not hesitate to work with them again for any upcoming projects.
Faye McClenahan


3D Modelling

Evoco – a specialist manufacturer of small-scale wind turbines needed an effective way to demonstrate the ground-breaking technology of its windmills. We worked in partnership with them to create 3D models of its windmill, which illustrated how they worked. This acted as a powerful sales tool for both Evoco and its re-sellers.


Service Showcase

Clarity offer their clients a range of different survey techniques which help to uncover key findings. The main areas they cover are market research, employee opinion or customer satisfaction. Clarity came to us with a simple brief, communicate my complicated service offering in a simple way. This resulting video is extremely simple in execution but has just the right amount of personality to keep it engaging.


Pre Production/Storyboarding – Higher Ground Creative have in-depth knowledge and understanding of pre-production processes such as storyboarding, where we sketch out everything that will happen in your short animation or video. This will also cover planning for the script (if required) and any imagery or assets that will be required. For a motion graphic (i.e. video with no ‘real world’ film being shot for it), this is a little simpler as, if we’re planning an actual shoot too, there are a few more elements to organise, such as your filming schedule and the attainment of the appropriate lighting, props, cast and crew.

Production/Filming – Higher Ground Creative have sophisticated high definition camera equipment, as well as talented team members that will direct and film your video project exactly how it was laid out in the storyboarding and pre-production phase. If your video is working with graphics, then there may not need to be a filming phase at all, in which case the production part of your video will be design (3D or 2D), and will be conducted at our studio with minimal involvement from you, the client.

Post Production – Higher Ground Creative will then take the graphics or your video footage (or very often both) and edit it for you into one beautifully produced movie. We will then ensure that we put those finishing touches, such as special effects, on your video so that it looks exactly how you want it to. Furthermore, we can optimise your video for any kind of platform – our videos are often used in many different ways: on the website, on your exhibition stand, during sales presentations and in your reception (to name but a few).


A few years ago, video was a bit of a dream for the future. Like those floating skateboards in "Back To The Future", just not as dangerous... People tried to utilise them in their websites (videos this is, not the skateboards) but they'd stutter, stall or just not show up. Fortunately, this is no longer the case, and video in all its forms is rapidly becoming 'the next big thing'.

We create anything from simple promo videos, through to full motion graphics (just using text, illustration, infographics, 3D work etc) and live filming work (i.e. client testimonials and interviews etc). With all of our video production work, we look to undertake a short strategic and creative workshop with the client to confirm what the key messages are which need to be communicated and try to distill down the complexity that may already exist in the current messaging from the client.

We then create a full storyboard ,following which we design the ideas in a static format. Once these are all signed off we then start filming on location (if required) and then do all the post production in the studio using After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Logic and various 3D packages.

We also pride ourselves on the quality of our audio too - whether this is recorded audio during filming, a professional voice-over (for which we'd also create a full script and commission a professional voice-over artist) and/or a soundtrack to create continuity and drive throughout the video. In short, we love our video work, and would love to tell you more about it - so why not get in touch.


"We played the video at the presentation and it was a success! It looks great!"
Tycho Korbee
Rough Guides

"Their professional approach and inspired designs give us the innovative edge we demand. Professional and Innovative across all challenges we've thrown their way."
Johnny Grimes
Deutsche Bank