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3 ways to turn traditional into online

As a digital marketing agency, it’s fair to say that some of us in the studio are a bit biased towards the digital world. In terms of marketing, the digital landscape allows you a world of possibilities that were not possible previously. Digital media allow you to start a conversation with your audience and potential consumers that you simply cannot do in the same way with a magazine advert or a mailed newsletter. They also allow for a new dimension of creativity in communicating your message. So on that note, here are some of our tips for giving an online twist to your traditional media.


1. Get social


One of the best parts about the digital environment is that it allows you to spread your message further, faster and indeed, better. One of the key ways in which to turn your traditional media into online media is to engage in activity across a range of social platforms. Like it or not, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Vine, SnapChat, Pinterest and the rest are here to stay. The variety of social avenues available make it simple to choose the one that is most suitable for you. Instagram, for example, lends itself to lifestyle brands that want to share their message via photographs. Starbucks, who emphasise the personalisation of their drinks, post photos of different drinks in different settings all over the world. Given the average Starbucks demographic, this may indeed be more effective than a newspaper advert.



2. Embrace video


Who doesn’t love a good YouTube cat clip? Let’s be honest, we all do. How is this relevant you may ask? The fact that cat videos are so massive is my simplification of an underlying shift in consumer behaviour – as video inches more and more to the centre of our internet experience. As such, web video has naturally gained increasing importance as a digital marketing tool as well. Video captures your audience’s attention and engages their imagination in a way that print media just can’t. Perhaps equally as important, your audience is able to absorb more information through video – significantly more. Take Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches campaign. The message of promoting real beauty had been traditionally advertised in print with photos of women who were not your typical model. The campaign then created a video along the same theme of real beauty, which went viral. The same idea on a new medium, shared across social media, amplified Dove’s message. It’s safe to say that in this case, multiple channels were used to Dove’s advantage.



3. Integrate


Lastly, in line with Dove’s multichannel marketing experience – turn your traditional media into online media by creating an integrated marketing campaign. This allows you to be flexible and use the best of both worlds in terms of media. The recent Monsters University film used this idea to great effect. As well as using traditional media, an actual Monsters University experience was also created online, inclusive of all the bits and bobs you would typically find on your average university website. Maybe not everything – I unfortunately didn’t have Entremonstership class nor Accounting for Fear Modules 1 & 2. But I guess you can’t win ‘em all.



So there you have it! There are ways to embrace online media without losing anything in the conversion from traditional. The important thing to keep in mind is that online allows you to be creative in new ways. It’s easy to say that traditional media will die out as the digital field grows online, but this surely isn’t the case. At Higher Ground, we believe in the peaceful coexistence of traditional and online media, where one augments the experience of the other.


Hope these tips have been helpful, please share any other thoughts on making the switch in the comments below!



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