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The Diamond Jubilee 2012

So that’s that then. The Jubilee has come and gone. The gig was great, the flotilla was dull (with some surprisingly dreadful BBC coverage), the Queen did us proud, and Cheryl Cole didn’t.


Diamond Jubilee Concert Gary Barlow and Cheryl Cole


General consensus at HGC HQ is that Gary Barlow should run for Prime Minister – seeing as David Cameron can’t even keep track of his own kids – let alone his ministers or run a country. Error.


David Cameron Pub Drink


Everyone here at the studio celebrated it differently, some going to stand on the banks of the Thames or getting crushed outside the Palace (although apparently it was great), and others deciding to get drunk elsewhere as they couldn’t have cared less. But I think I was the luckiest, as I got to spend it with my other half and little boy at my friend’s pent-house flat next to the Tate Modern with a view of the river. Winning combo of an amazing view, watching it from a sofa, with booze, out of the driving rain, and with no crowds. Nice!


Anyway, I’m currently getting in trouble as I can’t seem to go anywhere without making a film out of it of late – so, true to form, why not have a look at our Facebook page for my latest 1 hour creation (honestly it was no longer than that editing it – so excuse any rough edges), where you can see the view from the flat, some of my friends and a lot of my son Sam. He, my video camera, and my motorbike will all be cropping up a fair bit on our blog’s for a while I think. So apologies in advance if it all gets a bit repetitive!


Oh, and thanks to Damon and Blur for the soundtrack….!


Greg – HGC

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