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Future trends of motion graphics

We at Higher Ground Creative always get excited about Motion Graphics & Video. More and more clients are seeing the value in animation and video as a means to communicate complicated messages and concepts. This area of design has moved on incredibly quickly over the last few years thanks to advances in technology and software.

We thought we’d take this opportunity to look into some of the new trends emerging in the area of motion graphics.



The combination of real time footage and graphical illustrations delivers a powerful aesthetic. Blending these two opposed styles allows companies to communicate on a more emotive level. The possibilities are endless for this type of animation and could see designers employing ever more complicated styles and concepts in their work. The recent Nissan Qashqai advert is a good example of this:



This leads us onto cutting edge technology employing motion graphics.


Although it was put together a while ago now, this next section looks at an installation which was designed by the Brand New School in San Francisco. The wall was developed in conjunction with the launch of Adobe CS3 in America.


As real passers by walk along the wall, motion graphics are produced and animate according to the persons movements. The designs become more complicated from left to right. An innovative use of motion graphics, the mural proved incredibly popular with passers by, grabbing their attention and delivering the message in a memorable way.



Utilising the next stage in motion graphic technology, 3D projection mapping, Carlsberg advertised their range of lagers on a building in Liverpool Street. 3D projection mapping is a new way of creating motion graphics that interact with the surface they are being projected onto, creating a visually stunning and eye catching event. It can be used to give the illusion that a building is crumbling and spiders are emerging from the cracks or whatever the animator wishes to create in their new world.



All in all, very exciting. The future looks intriguing and the possibilities vast. We can’t wait to get involved in some of these new developments!


Why not check out our video page on our website;


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