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F**k snow, let’s rock!

For this weeks blog we thought we’d look in to the alternative options available to those of us without snow capped mountains.

For those of us without the Swiss or French Alps on your doorstep, maybe you’d prefer skiing or snowboarding on rocks! Yes, you heard correctly.

Something I’m sure that 99.9% of us have ever thought of doing, but we unearthed (excuse pun!) some rather mind blowing photography that was taken near Innsbruck, deep in the Austrian Alps, this is how some people spend their summer months…

Rock Ski

It seems those Austrians aren’t content with hiking and downhill mountain biking during the summer months after all…

Rock Ski 2


And if that wasn’t enough, maybe you’d fancy a spot of street skiing inside, this guy brings the extreme to the streets of San Francisco…

Check out the following clip for some hair raising craziness!


For those of you that aren’t hitting the mountains in Europe over the next 2-3 months, here’s a handy link to the latest snow cast:

Or check out the BBC website for more info:


Also, worthy of a download, for those of you with smart phone devices, check out the following App.

Here you can get the latest snow reports for global regions, from Whistler in British Columbia to Les Arcs in the French Alps, the range is quite extensive. You can also plot your routes on the bigger resorts, and track you speed, ascent and distance covered.


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