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Sub-branding and the potentials

This week at Higher Ground Creative we’re highlighting another branding related topic.

This time, we’re exploring the relevance of sub branding and the potentials that surround it.


So, when is sub-branding required?

An additional identity may be required if you have an additional (sister-like) company or product which sits under your main (umbrella) brand. At which point, exploring the possibilities and where/how a sub-brand sits underneath the main brand identity becomes an integral part of expanding a company’s brand architecture. As with any sub-brand it’s important that it retains an element that can report back to its bigger brother, from the obvious elements, or just a subtle use of brand colour or typography flowing through the brand suite.


A good example of how sub branding has been utilised on a global scale, comes from one of the biggest brands around: ‘Virgin’.

Most know the history, and nearly everyone would have heard of the ever-adventurous business tycoon that is ‘Richard Branson’, the man behind the brand who setup Virgin back in the 1970s. ‘Virgin Group’ being the main (umbrella) brand has evolved dramatically over a period of time, which has led to multiple off-shoots and many sub-brands all sitting comfortably underneath that well known Virgin identity – as illustrated below, we’ve included just a few examples of the many sub-brands that sit within the Virgin Group.


Virgin Sub Brands


One of Virgin’s more recent sub-brands offer a mind-boggling outlook, and see Richard Branson expanding into universal territories. Since its launch, ‘Virgin Galactic’  has seen many budding wannabe astronauts sign up to this £127,000 once in a lifetime opportunity – to venture to the very edge of our planet’s solar system and experience what Virgin Galactic promises to be a view of planet Earth only ever seen by true astronauts! Pretty amazing… If you haven’t seen the video clips of the first ‘feathered’ flight, then we can highly recommend that you watch the following video clip…



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